Additions or no Additions

Additions or no Additions

It’s a given that many elements of an agreed set of drawings and specification are subject to change throughout a project. We are fully equipped to deal with any changes, and are always accommodating to whatever changes they may be. However through experience, having last minute requests to change a specification or design whilst the project is live, can sometimes throw a solid spanner in the works! Be it a bathroom, a kitchen, windows and doors, or even the build itself; drastic changes can easily affect the timescale and financial predictability of a project.

In my experience as a project co-ordinator with Palmer Developments so far, there are three categories of variations that seem to come our way:

  • Pre-planned Variations – When the change of work is forewarned, priced and agreed prior to the works taking place. This form of variation is our protocol, and is a walk in the park for us as project planners. But as I am sure you can imagine, sometimes it just doesn’t pan out this way.
  • Unforeseen Variations – When the change of work is out of either party’s control. The classic but valid building principle of: “You never know what’s behind the wall until it is exposed” highly relates with this category. Although these changes are not ideal or desired, it is wise to be prepared for them.
  • Instantaneous Variations – When the change of work is a last minute request through the customer’s wishes. Minor forms of additional work are often completed there and then out of speed and convenience to the project flow. So long as this work is documented and processed, there is hardly ever an issue. But when it comes to major changes, there are often noticeable cost and time implications that are worth considering prior to making that final decision.


That said, do not fret. From the moment we put the pen on to paper; our duty is to ensure that your proposals are executed with quality, and finished with integrity. Additions or no additions!


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