Certain Beginners

Certain Beginners

In my eyes, there is nothing quite like the prospect of looking to change your home. Be it a refurbishment, an extension, a loft conversion, a kitchen knock-through, or even a new bathroom; undergoing a building project can be such a wonderful experience if done right. But what I often find is that a client will make contact asking for work to be done in a short space of time, but are right at the beginning stages of their project. This is by all means not a criticism or a negative view, just a time served observation that urged me to put something in writing in order to set an expectation on how we process building propositions.

Now if you are pondering the idea of having your home amended in some way, and are looking for more of an ambiguous ballpark figure to wrestle with, I would urge you to carry on reading. The reason for this is because at some point, you may be adamant on having your building project undertaken and will want a pin-point quote to consider. But if you have the funds and some definite ideas in place, then I would definitely urge you to carry on reading, as this blog is for you especially; the certain beginner.

So, as someone who is right at the beginning, and is not quite sure on where to start; how do we get things moving quickly? The first person you need to deal with is an architect (many of which we know and can recommend). He or she will have your ideas and requirements transferred onto a plan and specification, giving us something to work from. Secondly, if there are any structural changes within your scope of works, then you will need a structural engineer (many of which we also know and can recommend) to calculate how much steel will be required to safely support your change of structure. They will work somewhat similar to an architect by visiting your home, and taking time to review and calculate exactly what needs to be in place in order to make your desired alterations a reality.

*Tip: Structural work in particular can sometimes prove to be a lump sum, so we would not advise to have your builder guesstimate the costs of your structural requirements. Believe us when we say that it is better to be factual, than it is to be fictional!*

Once you obtain your architects drawings and structural calculations, this will leave you in a good position to receive an accurate building quote from us. If need be, we can guide and advise you through the entirety of this process; right from the very start to the very finish. So, if this blog registers with you, you know what number to call!


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