Easter Entropy

Easter Entropy

As the point of contact for each client that enquires through Palmer Developments, the topic of this blog relates to a tension that I have frequently observed and have had to manage throughout the two years I have been present within the company. As objective readers who may or may not have any current involvement in construction, I thought perhaps it would be ideal to equip you with some insight on the tensions we face when it comes to pricing throughout the month of April. It will at least give you a degree of understanding if you were to enquire for your project to be quoted throughout this month, or through any of the holiday seasons.

April heading into May is usually a highly cluttered period where sending quotes at our usual rate becomes a little more challenging. We lose pricing time in Bank Holidays, and some contractors and suppliers may take leave throughout the Easter period; thus their pricing services become unavailable until they return. Although guesstimating or using previous quotes as pricing tools is always an option, we prefer, particularly for projects that are due to start, for our quotes to have 100% accuracy rather than having to take a gamble with an assumption.

A basic example of this would be the costs for structural work. Due to the complex and unpredictable nature of buildings we have always recommended for structural costs and methods to be pre-determined and thoroughly understood in order to give total accuracy to the quote. However, if the appointed engineer decides to takes two weeks leave but has not yet completed the structural report, how can the quote be accurately finalised? The same principle applies for scaffolding, roofing, groundworks and other specialist areas.

If you are currently in this waiting position and feel that your quote is taking a while to come through, please do not feel that it is because your project lacks importance. Although it can sometimes take time, it is imperative that the figure we present to you is the correct one.


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