Frantic Fridays

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the chaos that can sometimes unfold on a Monday morning. I concluded that the reason for this this was due to the struggle of switching back on from the weekend; a somewhat understandable tension.  My stance has not changed on this but the more my mind dwells on it, the more I realise that there is another half to the problem that I have not yet elaborated on.

It goes without saying that in order to switch back on, you need to have been switched off in the first place. Now ask yourself this: exactly what day is it where you might (emphasis on might, I know I speak for many when I say that Friday can be the busiest day of the week by far) daydream, make plans for the weekend and begin to drift from the tasks at hand? You guessed it right, Friday.

Friday is the day where this exact process occurs. Fridays are just as, if not even more problematic than Mondays. Throughout the duration of a Friday afternoon, minds inevitably begin to switch off; (particularly between 3:00pm & 4:00pm) causing all kinds of mayhem. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with Bank Holiday weekends!

I will conclude similarly to my other blog. It would definitely be helpful if the dynamics could change from time to time, but I am not holding my breath. Mondays are Mondays, Fridays are Fridays; and no one can deny their love for that Friday feeling.


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