Metric or Imperial?

Metric or Imperial?

I think it is safe to say that there has definitely been a mix-up between the metric and imperial systems in construction. As someone who is relatively new to the industry, I must admit that it does sometimes cause confusion.

The current construction curriculums are doing everything they can to shape the next generation into applying the Metric system (metres) within all aspects of construction; as opposed to the Imperial system (yards, feet, inches).  However despite all of their efforts, I just can’t see it happening any time soon. Here are some reasons why:

Influence – The majority of apprentices or young workers are being mentored by seasoned tradesmen who solely use the Imperial system. Now with that in mind, the same principles are bound to apply when they eventually take on their own apprentices. Where is the cut-off point? Surely you can only teach what you learn?

Convenience – I think I speak for everyone when I say that referring to a sheet of plasterboard as 8 x 4 rather than 2440 x 1220 millimetres, is a LOT quicker and easier.

Indifference – “Why learn the same thing twice? It’s still the same size isn’t it? Just a different way of saying it…” – I do not feel the need to elaborate on this one.


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