Monday Minds

Hi, my name is Caleb and I am an employee at Palmer Developments NW Ltd.

Having being in the building industry for just over a year now, I have observed a frustrating but somewhat understandable pattern that, on some occasions, drives me completely insane. Appointments, materials, material quantities, order references, delivery times; there is virtually no point in organising any of the following on a Friday afternoon for a Monday morning. You leave one week feeling peacefully organised and enter the next as if rushing into a warzone!

Isn’t it funny that after a non-work related, enjoyable weekend (for some, not for all) we always seem to be unable to kick-start the week free from drastic confusion? In my view, the Monday mind is a key factor for the inconvenience that eventually unfolds throughout the working week.

It saddens me to say that I don’t think this pattern will change any time soon. However, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been guilty of having a Monday mind at some point!


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