About This Project

While the planning and procedure of a New Build may seem quite daunting; we believe it’s a huge investment, and an opportunity for you to design and create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.  As showed in the featured photographs, it’s evident that we are more than capable in creating a home from scratch; a home that can be thoroughly enjoyed by you, your family and friends for plenty of years to come. We aren’t in any way corner cutters, and we do not ignore any form of detail; from the foundations, right until the finishing touches. As a building company we are recognized for consistently executing projects to the highest standard of quality; so be assured that your new build project will have the exact same care and attention.
Due to the magnitude of a project such as this, you will need an architect, an insurance warranty like Build-Zone, Premier Guarantee or NHBC, a structural engineer to calculate both steel or timber sizes and you will also need Building Regulations, but don’t be misguided into thinking that you have to approach your local authorities for them. There are private companies that come under the approved inspector scheme. In our case, we work with a company called Campagna (http://www.campagna.co.uk/ , but you can choose other companies like http://quadrantai.co.uk/ who we have also worked with over the years. As well as this, we have terrific relationships with structural engineers and architects across the Wirral & Cheshire. If preferred by yourself, we will be more than happy to manage this for you. If you already have existing plans; don’t hesitate to introduce them to us to tender for. For those without an existing plan and are at the very early stages of their enquiry; feel free to contact us and we will take the time to help and plan your enquiry.



New Builds