Rain rain, go away.

Rain rain, go away.

Unpredictable, torrential weather; one of the greatest barriers in organising building work. The way in which this affects us as builders is plain and simple; poor weather minimises progression. When experiencing torrential wind or rain (or both):
– Building stops.
– Concreting stops.
– Roof work stops.
– Clients may feel disgruntled due to lack of site activity.
– And my least favourite; building services and tradesmen usually have to be postponed and re-arranged.

The list goes on.

Surely it would be fair (although wishful) to expect consistent bright and sunny weather throughout our glorious ‘summer’ months? Of course not. In a country like ours, we all know this does not happen. You would also assume that it would be unlikely for us to experience torrential rain throughout May, June and July; but again, we are usually proven wrong. Perhaps it may be best to stick with the ethic that, throughout my time within Palmer Developments, has been consistently ingrained into my working pattern; never expect, or assume, under any circumstances.

But with that said, you can’t control the weather…


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