Strenuous Summers

Strenuous Summers

As a business we receive propositions for building work left right and centre on a weekly basis, a lot of which are processed through myself. However, I do feel that summer is by far our busiest time of year for building enquiries and ongoing projects. The Christmas period was a close contender for this conclusion, (as this is also notoriously known to be a frantic time of year for builders) but summer just about edges it for me.

Throughout the last 16 months I have observed the patterns in which this business operates and in doing so, have found that it operates on a first come first served basis (and trust me when I say, a lot do come!). Don’t get me wrong, having an overload of projects isn’t necessarily an unfavourable problem to have; but having to delicately manage the expectations of the many clients who want their projects starting and finishing in such a short space of time, is an entirely different matter.

When all is said and done, you can only take on so much work in a year without over stretching; and I personally believe that is more efficient and enjoyable to undergo the fewer projects exceptionally, rather than the dozens of projects strenuously.


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