The Process of Rearrangement

The Process of Rearrangement

If there is one thing I have learned in the two years I have worked within the construction industry, it’s that ‘fluid’ is the only word you could truly use to describe its nature. The main purpose of this blog is so that in future you, the client, are able to bear in mind that a project schedule will always be prepared and adhered to. But unless human error decides to eliminate itself from the face of the planet and humans become flawlessly robotic, the schedule will always be subject to change.

When undergoing a project, all elements of work must be programmed and completed in a chronological order. The smooth-running of the upcoming task is usually dependent on the speed and efficiency of the previous one. But what happens when an unforeseen occurrence decides to surface itself? The well-known phrase of “throwing a spanner in the works” undoubtedly comes to mind.

To give you some context, if you co-ordinated brick layers to start building but happened to experience torrential rain on that specific date (of all days); all of a sudden your schedule is delayed by 24 hours or possibly more. Now if every person had a limitless amount of flexibility in their schedules this would not be a problem. But as you can imagine, pushing suppliers, contractors and deliveries back by one or two days at such short notice, isn’t always as simple as it sounds. After all, they too have pre-determined deadlines and obligations that they need to meet, just as we do.

It really is hard to believe that something as common as rain can prolong trades, suppliers and the overall project duration. However it is true, and bad weather certainly isn’t the only example I could refer to. Inconveniences such as: incorrect deliveries, illness, broken down vehicles and hidden structural nasties, give off the exact same consequence; a loss of time, and a process of rearrangement.

With all of that said, it’s not all doom and gloom. I really am only highlighting and dwelling on the worst case scenarios. A lot of the time scheduled work does go according to plan, and project duration’s are met or even exceeded. But in my own opinion, it is always best to prepare for the very worst, and strive to deliver the very best.


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