To & Fro

To & Fro

If you are undergoing a building project and are nearing towards its conclusion, it is imperative that you voice any concerns or questions that you have; especially when regarding the project’s finishing touches. Utilising the rapport and understanding that you should have developed with your builder throughout the duration of the work, will contribute massively in ensuring a smooth project hand-over.

What I sometimes find is that clients will confirm that they are pleased with an element of work out of genuine politeness, to then mention at a later date that they actually aren’t. One thing to take note of is that it is much easier to co-ordinate and address minor snags/issues when the site is populated with our workers; as opposed to when the job is concluded. Granted, there may be some things that you only notice after the work is completed; which is something we completely understand. But if something catches your attention and it just doesn’t sit right with you, what harm does a quick phone call bring? The worst case scenario is that we will take note, look into your concern, and get back to you swiftly with some feedback. Other than that, we will do our best to provide you with a clear explanation and a viable solution.

To conclude, try not to blur the lines between being picky and being helpful; honesty truly is the best policy if you are at this stage of your project.


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